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Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari

1904 - 1975

Profile of Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari

Pen Name : ''bukhari''

Real Name : Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari

Born : 01 Jun 1904 | Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Died : 12 Jul 1975 | Karachi, Sindh

besh-tar ḳhudā paayā aur barmalā paayā

ham ne tere bandoñ ko tujh se bhī sivā paayā

besh-tar KHuda paya aur barmala paya

hum ne tere bandon ko tujh se bhi siwa paya

Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari was born in June 1904 in Peshawar. Apart from being a poet, he was also a journalist and a musician. After getting his training in journalism from Lahore and London, he worked for Bombay radio station. After the Partition of India, he migrated to Pakistan and served there as the Director General of Pakistan Radio. He learnt his art as a poet from some of the major poets like Mohammad Iqbal, Hasrat Mohani, Yagana Changezi, and Wahshat Kalkattavi.

Bukhari published his poetry in Main Ne Jo Kucch Bhi Kaha. He also wrote his memoirs entitled Sarguzasht which was read with great interest for its prose style and recounting of interesting events.

He died on 12 July, 1975, in Karachi.

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