Poets/Writers From Jalandhar

Total: 33

A prominent story writer, a contemporary of Manto, also known for his radio plays.

Sudarshan Fakir

1934 - 2008

Real name was Sudarshan Kamra. A lyricist who penned songs for various movies.

Noted story and novel writer from Pakistan, known for her bold take on women’s issues; also wrote travelogues.

Saleem Betab

1940 - 1974

Sahir Siyalkoti

1906 - 1984

Rasa Jalandhari

1894 - 1977

Qais Jalandhari

1904 - 1994

Master Madan was a talented ghazal and classical singer of the pre-independence India. Only 8 recorded songs of his are available. He sang in Urdu and Punjabi languages.

Prominent among first generation of modernist poets, very close to Miraji

One of the most prominent contemporary poets, also having popular appeal.

Josh Malsiani

1884 - 1976

One of the most prominent poets in the undivided Punjab.Honoured with Padma Shri in 1971

Popular romantic poet made famous by Malika Pukhraj by singining ghazal "abhi to main jawan huun". Wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan.

Faza jalandharii

1905 - 1968

Poet, lyricist and radio broadcaster; wrote poetry in Urdu and Punjabi. His lyrics were sung by celebrated singers like Asha Bhonsle and Jagjit Singh

Arsh Malsiyani

1908 - 1979

Son of famous poet Josh Malsiyani.