Nasir Zaidi

Daftar Mahnamo Adab-e-Lateef, Lahore
1968 | More Info
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browse here the adab-e-lateef urdu magazine issues. you can find all the issues of adab-e-lateef on this page. this page features the top adab-e-lateef magazine shumaras.

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About The Editor

Nasir Zaidi

Nasir Zaidi

Syed Nasir Zaidi was born on 8 April 1943 in Muzaffarnagar, U.P. He did his education till graduation from Lahore. His literary taste too bloomed in the same city. He started column writing from Himayat-E-Islam weekly. For a few days he wrote for Imroz daily under the pen name, Saamey Basari. He now writes under the pen name of Nasir. He used to write the literary diary of Aahang as well. Besides Adab-E-Lateef, he had been the editor of many literary and semi literary magazines. At present, he lives in Lahore and writes for various newspapers. Doobtey Chaand Ka Manzer, Visaal, Iltefaat, are the collections of his works. Besides this, he is also the writer and compiler of more than half a dozen books. Among these are; Wo Rehbar Hamara Wo Qaaid Hamara, a book based upon the life of Mohd Ali Jinah and Bayaad-E-Shair-E-Mashriq that encompasses the life of Allama Iqbal, are very important.

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