ajnabi sa'aton ke darmiyan

Nomaan Shauque

Takhleeqkar Publishers, Delhi
1997 | More Info

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Nomaan Shauque

Nomaan Shauque

A broadcaster by profession, Nomaan Shauque is a prominent poet writing in Urdu as well as in Hindi, with four books Ajnabi Sa’aton ke Darmiyan, Freezer Mein Rakhi Sham, Jalta Shikara Dhoondne Mein and Apne Kahe kinare to his credit. His collection of poems in Hindi, Raat aur Vishkanya, was published by Jnanpeeth. He is also a translator and his literary articles and other works have been published widely in India and abroad.  A handful of his poems has also been translated into English and other Indian languages. His poetry marks a clear departure from his predecessors as well as from his contemporaries in style and content. It has also been widely appreciated for the same in Urdu and Hindi. 

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