bengal mein urdu nukkad natak

Mohammad Kazim

Maghribi Bengal Urdu Academy, Kolkata
2013 | More Info

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Mohammad Kazim

Mohammad Kazim

Dr. Muhammad Kazim is associated with the Department of Urdu, Delhi University. Having graduated from Calcutta University, he later obtained MA, M.Phil, Mass Media and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University. During his education he was associated with various Urdu newspapers and wrote columns for many newspapers. In 1998, he joined the Information Service of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India through UPSC and till 2002 was a member of the editorial team of the prestigious Urdu monthly Aajkal, published by the Publications Division of the Ministry. In the meantime, together with the editor Mehboob-ur-Rehman Farooqi, he compiled important books such as ke Drame, aajkal ke mazameen, aajkal ke afsaane, aajkal aur sahaafat, and aajkal aur gubhar-e-karwan. In 2001, his book "Mashriqi Hind Mein NukkaD Naatak” was published. In 2002, he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Urdu, Delhi University. His special field is Drama and its Criticism. The books published by him include, Hindustani Nukkad Natak aur uski Samaaji Manviyat’, Bangal mein Urdu Nukkad Natak (Dastan-Goi), Urdu aur Hindi, Mujtaba Hussain: Fann aur shakhsiyat, Yog raaj ki kahaniyan, Nasar Ghazali: Fann aur shakhsiyat, Asharih maah-namah-e-science urdu, and Henrik Ibsen Ke teen Drame. His articles are included in more than thirty books published from different states of India. More than fifty articles have been published in magazines and journals from different parts of India and Pakistan. He has participated in more than sixty national and international conferences. At the special invitation of the Urdu Speaking Union of Mauritius, the government conducted a ten-day workshop for Urdu drama branches in Mauritius in which they discussed the intricacies of scriptwriting and acting as well as rehearsing it. The plays produced under his direction have featured in various festivals of the country including Delhi Urdu Academy and Sahitya Kala Parishad more than once. He has traveled to Mauritius, Egypt and Uzbekistan. In recognition of his research, critical and theatrical services, Delhi Urdu Academy, West Bengal Urdu Academy, Rajasthan Urdu Academy and Bihar Urdu Academy have awarded him. In recognition of his services to drama and theater, the Ghalib Institute presented him with the 2017 Hum Sab Ghalib Award for Drama.


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