Saghar Mehdi

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Saghar Mehdi

Saghar Mehdi

Saghar Mehdi is considered to be a poet of considerable merit among the modern poets of Urdu. He was a keen observer of the fast-changing conditions around and presented his observations with remarkable difference. He was born in a respectable family of Bahraich in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 1936 and was educated at the local government college. On completion of his education, he joined Maharaj Singh College as a faculty. His childhood was rather hard for him as both of his parents passed away in his childhood. Later, his maternal uncle also died which left him all alone. Left with no support, Saghar had to fend for himself and his family all alone. His poetry holds a mirror to the pathetic conditions of his life.

Saghar Mehdi has two poetry collections—Devanjali and Harf-e-Jaan—to his credit. Apart from writing poems, he also wrote essays on literary, social, and cultural issues which were put together in Tehreer-o-Tehleel. While he was still active creatively, he passed away rather early in 1980. 

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