galiyan dhoop darwaze

किश्वर नाहीद

मोहम्मद जमीलुन्नबी
1978 | अन्य

लेखक: परिचय

किश्वर नाहीद

किश्वर नाहीद

Kishwar Nahid is an outstanding shaira of Pakistan. She holds an M.A. degree in Economics from Punjab University, Lahore. She is a prolific writer and 12 volumes of her poetry were published from Pakistan and India. Her Urdu poetry has also been published in foreign countries. She has also written eight books for children and has won the prestigious UNESCO award for children's literature. Her love for children is as much as her concern for women. She expresses this concern in her poem, Asin Burian We Loko, which is a touching focus on the plight of women in the present male-dominated society. Kishwar Nahid's sher-o-shayari includes her popular works like, Lab-e-Goya, Benaam Musafat, Nazmen, Galian, Dhoop, Darvaze, etc.

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