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Abid Suhail

Sahitya Academy, Delhi
2008 | More Info

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Abid Suhail

Abid Suhail

Abid Sohail is widely recognized as a short story writer and journalist. As a journalist, he spent all his life resisting the negative forces that destroy the social fabric. He was one of the active members of the Communist Party of India and worked assiduously towards propagating the ideology of his party. He rendered distinguished services to National Herald and Qaumi Awaaz. 
Abid Sohail was born at a place called Aurai in Jalon district of Uttar Pradesh on 17 November, 1932. He received his education at Aurai and then at Bhopal. Later, he went to Lucknow University from where he got his degree of M. A. in Philosophy. Finally, he chose to settle down in Lucknow.
Abid Sohail had started writing short stories even while he was a student at the university. It did not take long for him to establish a reputation as a serious writer who pursued his craft with care and consideration. His experiences as a journalist also played a part in his emergence as a writer of acute social awareness. His stories may easily be classified as those that reflect contemporary socio-political realities.
Apart from short stories, Abid Sohail also wrote sketches of prominent social and literary personalities. These were collected together in a volume called Khuli Kitaab.
Towards the end of his career, he also penned his autobiography which is rated as a respectable contribution to the genre.

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