hindustani adab ke memar: daagh dehlvi

Makhmoor Saeedi

Sahitya Academy, Delhi
2004 | More Info
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Makhmoor Saeedi

Makhmoor Saeedi

Makhmoor Saeedi was born in Tonk (Rajasthan) on 31st Dec 1938. His father, Ahmed Khan Nazish was also an acclaimed Urdu poet. Makhmuur received his early education from Tonk and went to Agra for futher studies. Makhmuur was a versatile writer who had displayed his talent not only in the field of poetry, but also in the areas of literary criticism, journalism and translation. His poetic collections include Sabrang, Seah bar Safed, Awaaz ka jism, Aate Jaate lamhon ki sada, Guftanii, Baans ke jangalon se guzarti havaa, Diivaar-o-dar ke darmiyan, Umr-e-guzishta ka hisab (in two volumes), Raasta aur main, etc In addition to ghazals and nazms, he had written rubai, qataa, dohaa and geet as well. He got Sahitya Academy award for his literary contribution.

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