Ahsan Marahravi

Matba Shamsi, Hyderabad Daccen
1902 | More Info

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Ahsan Marahravi

Ahsan Marahravi

Ali Ahsan's father name was Maulana Haji Syed Mujtaba who was also a poet and wrote under the pen name ‘Hasan’. Ali Ahsan acquired Arabic and Persian basics at local school. However after his father passed away, he could not continue formal studies but continued reading on his own. He started composing poetry at the age of fourteen only. In 1895, he started a monthly magazine called ‘Riyad-e-sukhan’. The magazine achieved such fame that the ruler of State of Tonk, Ibrahim Ali Khan Khaleel took him under his patronage. Ahsan took corrections from Dagh Dehlvi initially and profited from this companionship. Ahsan also wrote the biography of his teacher, Dagh called ‘Jalwa-e-Dagh’ and also started ‘Faseh-ul-Lughat’ but could not complete. In 1904, he came to Lahore for work. For some time, he worked on the manuscript of ‘Khum-khana-e-Jawed’ by Lala Shri Ram. Later he started ‘Risala Faseh-ul-Mulk’ in memory of his teacher. In 1906, he returned home and settled property matters and then he became a Lecturer in Persian and Arabic at Muslim University Inter College and retired from 1938. He went to Patna for treatment and passed away on August 31, 1940. Ahsan was one of the best students of Dagh and he studied his poetic works with so much concentration that they became a part of his intellectual framework too.

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