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Makhmoor Jalandhari

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Makhmoor Jalandhari

Makhmoor Jalandhari

Makhmoor Jalandhari was born Gaur Bakhsh Singh. He was born at Jalandhar in 1915. He passed through a difficult time during the early phase of his life. He left his college education unfinished and went to Bombay to study for a degree in Engineering but had to return home leaving it incomplete. He worked at a couple of places but could not find a lasting engagement. At last, he worked as a journalist and also as a translator. Makhmoor succeeded in successfully translating some of the major works of Western and Eastern literatures. 
Makhmoor was also a poet and received counseling on his poetry from Dil Shahjehanabadi and Seemab Akbarabadi. His poetry combined the best of the two trends--Progressive and modernist. Jalwagaah, Talaatum, Mukhrasar Nazmein and Phuljhadiyaan are the collections of his poetry. 

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