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मुग़ीसुद्दीन फ़रीदी

मुग़ीसुद्दीन फ़रीदी

Mugheesuddin was born on 1st May 1926 in Fatehpur Seekri. He completed his graduation from St. Johnson College and enrolled in Aligarh Muslim University to do his M.A in Urdu. He began to write poetry when he was in the eighth standard. His literary guide was Nizam Fatehpuri, who taught him Urooz. He joined the Urdu Department of Delhi University in 1962 as lecturer, from where he rose to the post of a reader. He completed his research from the same university. Kufr-E-Tamanna is his collection of poetry that got published in 1947. He uses the pen name, Fareedi

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