Aftab Shah Alam Sani

Rampur Raza Library, Rampur
2006 | More Info

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Aftab Shah Alam Sani

Aftab Shah Alam Sani

Shah Alam Sani was the eighteenth Mughal Emperor and son of Alamgir II. Shah Alam, the King of Delhi, was also a poet and had a diwan in Urdu and Persian. His real name was Abdullah and nick name Lal Mian Mirza Bulaqi. ‘aaftaab’ was his pseudonym. In 1754, he was honored with the title of Shahzada Ali Gauhar and in 1756, ‘Shah Alam’. He was a very intelligent and hard working since he was a child and had mastery over contemporary literature. On one hand he received religious education and on the other, he attained mastery over history and oriental languages. Apart from these, he had phenomenal command over Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Indian languages. Shah Alam Sani had fought against the British East India Company during the Battle of Buxar. He reformed the Mughal Army under the command of his general Mirza Najaf Khan and is thus known as one of the last effective Mughal Emperors. In a war with Afghans, Shah Alam was blinded by Afghan army.

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