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Qayyum Nazar

Kitab Khana Punjab, Lahore
1948 | More Info

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Qayyum Nazar

Qayyum Nazar

Qwaja Abdul Qayyum was born on 7 March 1914 in Lahore. He did his elementary education from different schools of Punjab. Having done his tenth class, he got himself enrolled in Mission College, Lahore as a science student. Less than a year after this, his father passed away. This forced him to quit his study and get a job. He had been working in various firms and government offices for more than two years. Once again, he got himself enrolled for higher education in Dayal Singh College and completed his masters in Urdu from Punjab University. He remained associated with the department of Urdu of Government College Lahore and served as the head of department of Punjabi in Punjab University. He had a keen interest in literature since an early age. He was very fond of traveling and hunting so he happened to see the various places of India and Pakistan. He wrote under the pen name, Nazar and became Qayyum Nazar. He died on 24 June 1989 in Lahore. Souda, Qindeel, Urdu Nasr Unnisvii Sadi Me, Wasoqt Amant, Pawan Jhakoley and Qalb-O-Nazar Ke Faasley are the collections of his works.


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