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Mehboob Rahi

Mehboob Rahi
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Mehboob Rahi

Mehboob Rahi

Mahboob Rahi was born on 20th June 1939 in Bayer Gaon, District Bildana (Maharashtra), and is among the most important poets of Urdu. His writings encompass not only Ghazal but also Nazm, Hamd, Munajat , Naa’t , Rubaiyat, Tanz-o-Mizah and children’s literature. His fresh style and conversational tone add up to an entirely unique form of expression which was unheard of hitherto.

Apart from his poetry, Mahboob Rahi is also noted for his compelling prose writings, incisive research works, and studious critiques. His poetry collections include, “Sabat”, “Tardiid”, “Baz-Yaft”, “Pesh-Raft”, “Band Muthi Ka Bharam”, and “Chandni Takhayyul Ki”. Apart from this, collections of poems for children, Geet and Rubaiyat, humorous poetry, and collections of ghazals in Devanagari script have also come to the fore.

A teacher by profession, Mehboob Rahi was presented the Best teacher’s award from the President of India for excelling in his field of work. Adding to his long list of accolades and awards which were conferred upon him for his contributions in the field of literature, are the Asbaq-e-Adabi award, Vidarbha Ratna Puraskar and Sahitya Bhushan Puraskar. He also holds the membership of Maharashtra Urdu Academy, and also presided the academy’s International Seminar on “Nazir Akbarabadi” in 2008 at Doha, Qatar.

More recently, it was announced that Dr Mahboob Rahi will be the first to receive the Muzaffar Hanfi International Urdu award 2021, on April 1, 2021. The Award has been conferred upon him by an International Urdu organization, Aalami Tahreek-e-Urdu.

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