qasaid-o-qataat tareekh

Jaleel Manikpuri

Idara-e-Tahqiqat-e-Urdu, Patna
1995 | More Info

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Jaleel Manikpuri

Jaleel Manikpuri

Jaleel Hasan's father name was Hafiz Abdul Kareem. After basic studies at home, he came to Lucknow where he spent most of his time in education. He had an aptitude for poetry and at the age of 20 Jaleel became a disciple of Ameer Minai. When Minai established an office in Rampur for ‘Ameer-ul-Lughat’, Jaleel was appointed his secretary. In 1900 he visited Hyderabad with his teacher and managed the publication of ‘Mehboob-ul-kalaam' and ‘Dabdaba-e-Asifi’. Jaliil Manikpuri succeeded Dagh as court poet of Hyderabad and had the unique distinction of being the Ustad of two Nizams. He came to the city in 1900 and like Dagh had to wait for a long time before fortune smiled on him. He died in Hyderabad in 1946.

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