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Ufuq Lakhnavi

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Ufuq Lakhnavi

Ufuq Lakhnavi

Munshi Dwarka Prasad Ufuq was born in Lucknow in July 1864. His father was called Munshi Puran Chand Zarra. His grandfather, Munshi Ishwar Prasad Shua and great grandfather, Mushi Uday Prasad Matla Lucknowi were also poets. Ufuq started composing poetry at the early age of nine. Apart from Persian and Urdu, he also knew other languages well like Sanskrit, Hindi, and English. It did not take long for Ufuq to acquire his fame as a considerable poet.

Ufuq was a highly perceptive person and was known to be extremely witty and humorous. This is also well reflected in his poetry. He took to drinking in early youth and could not get rid of it till the end. Because of his heavy drinking habit, he also suffered economically.

Ufuq published a newspaper in verse called Nazm Akhbar. He also wrote for Awadh Akhbar for long and worked as the editor of Punjab Samachar. His publications include Ramayan Aik Qafiya, Krishna Sudama Sawaaneh Umri, Guru Govind Singh, and prose translations of Ramayan, Mahabharata, and an abridged version of Bhagwad Gita.  

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