Sulaiman Areeb

Sulaiman Areeb
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Sulaiman Areeb

Sulaiman Areeb

His father Sulaiman bin Abd al-Razzaq was Risaldar in Nizam's time. He was married twice, the second time to Safia Begum, who herself was an Urdu teacher and writer. Initially, he wrote essays and short stories but later turned to writing poetry. He was the editor and publisher of 'Saba' - a leading Urdu literary magazine of its time, which was established in 1955. It played an important role in popularizing modern literary trends and concepts. He was an active member of the Communist Party of India and one of the leading figures of Progressive Writers Movement. ‘Sulaiman’ was an outspoken proponent of Telangana Rebellion along with other Urdu writers of Hyderabad.


His poems have been translated into several languages. His poetical works include 'Paas-e-Garebaan', 'Kadvi Khusboo', ‘Hyderabad ke Sha'ir Vol II’ etc. Ghausiya Sultana’s ‘Sulaiman Areeb- Fun aur Shakhsiyat’ explores the expanse of his life and works.  


He died on 7th September 1972 after prolonged illness.

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