Editor : Khurshidul islam

Shumara Number: Shumara Number-001,002

Publisher : Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Origin : Aligarh (City), Other (District), Uttar pradesh (State), India (Country)

Year of Publication : 1982

Language : Urdu

Categories : Magazines

Sub Categories : Fikr-o-Nazar,Aligarh

Pages : 102

Contributor : Rampur Raza Library, Rampur

Month : January, June

Fikr-o-Nazar, Aligarh

About The Magazine

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About The Editor

Khursheedul Islam is one of those who showed abiding interest both in producing creative and critical works. His two critical works Ghalib: Taqleed aur Ijtehaad and Tanqeedein were well received. His critical methodology harks back to the works of those like Abdur Rahman Bijnauri and Shibli Nomani. As a poet, he acquired a distinct identity of his own. His poems were collected in Shaakh-e-Nihaal-e-Ghum.  
Khursheedul Islam was born on 21 July, 1919 at Rampur. He received his higher education at Aligarh Muslim University. He also won a scholarship to Britain for conducting his academic research. He passed away on 19 June, 2006. 

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