Author : Mirza Raza Barq

Publisher : Raees-ul-Matabe, Kanpur

Language : Urdu

Categories : Poetry

Sub Categories : Intikhab

Pages : 22

Contributor : Saulat Public Library, Rampur (U. P.)

intikhab-e-deewan-e-barq lakhnavi

About The Author

Mohammad Mirza Raza Barq was the poetical master of Wajid Ali Shah Akhtar, the last king of Oudh. Barq was deeply attached to the king and when the king was imprisoned in Fort William College (Calcutta), Barq was with him. He fell ill there and died in 1857. Barq follows Naasikh as his master in the use of similes. The features which characterized the Lucknow School of poetry are found in Barq’s poetry too. His Diwan or collected works were published in 1852 by Matba-e-Sultani. Barq had complete mastery over ghazal and also composed rubai, qataat and mukhammas. He also wrote ‘Shahar-e-Ashob’ and ‘Wasokht’. Barq had dozens of students and among those, Syed Zamin Ali Jalaal, Sheikh Amaan Ali Seher and Haadi Ali Ashk achieved fame.

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