Author : Quli Qutub Shah

Publisher : Director Qaumi Council Bara-e- Farogh-e-Urdu Zaban, New Delhi

Year of Publication : 2012

Language : Urdu

Categories : Poetry

Sub Categories : Intikhab

Pages : 242

ISBN No./ISSN NO : 978-81-7587-824-2

Contributor : Maktaba Jamia Limited, New Delhi

intikhab-e-mohammad quli qutub shah

About The Book

قلی قطب شاہ اردو کے ایک صاحب دیوان شاعر کی حیثیت سے معروف ہیں۔وہ اپنی بے پناہ قابلتوں کے باعث نہ صرف میدان کارزار کے بہترین سلطان تھے بلکہ میدان شعر ادب میں بھی نمایاں تھے۔ان کا کلام ہندوستانی تہذیب وثقافت کا بہترین عکاس ہے۔جس میں ہندوستان اپنے مختلف روپ کے ساتھ جلوہ گر ہے۔کہیں عیدوں، تقریبوں کے ساتھ تو کہیں تہواروں ،حسیناؤں اور محلوں وغیرہ کی شان و شوکت کے ساتھ موجود ہے۔زیرنظر " انتخاب کلام محمد قلی قطب شاہ"ہے۔جو جدت خیال ،معنی آفرینی، جمالیاتی ذوق اور مقامی رنگ کے ساتھ معانی گنجینہ ء سخن بن گیا ہے۔قلی قطب شاہ کا کلام گویا چار سو سال پہلے کی زندگی کا ایک جیتا جاگتا مرقع ہے۔قلی اپنے معاصرین میں اپنی مثال آپ تھے۔انھوں نے اپنے عہد میں شعرو ادب کو خوب خوب فروغ دیا اور خود بھی صاحب دیوان شاعر کی حیثیت سے ادبی پہچان بنائی۔انھوں نے شاعری میں غزل کے علاوہ قصائدمیں بھی طبع آزمائی کی ہے لیکن ان کی پہچان بحیثیت غزل گو شاعر اہمیت کی حامل ہے۔

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About The Author

Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, popularly known and recorded in history as Abul Muzaffar Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, Sultan Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, and Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, was the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty of Golconda and the founder of the city of Hyderbad. He was born in Golconda, Hyderabad. The legend goes that after one of his beloveds, Bhagmati, he founded a city called Bhag Nagar, which later became Hyderabad, once Bhagmati came to be re-named as Hyder Mahal. He is said to have erected other monuments in the name of his other eleven beloveds, and he celebrated his romance with them in his poetry separately.

Shah who wrote in Persian, Telugu, and Deccani—a variant of Urdu--is justifiably the first poet in Deccani Urdu with at least fifty thousand shers to his credit. Acclaimed to be a major voice, he practiced all poetic forms. He wrote on a variety of issues concerning communal life and the sentiments of the common man, their festivals and faiths, love and the pleasures of union, in a frank and disarming manner.  Drawing upon Hindu culture, as also upon the Persian culture and its literary tradition, he developed a secular view of love, life and literature. A contemporary of Tulsidas, he blended the best traditions of the two streams of thought and life to impart a new halo to his poetry. His poetic merit lies in his simplicity and musicality which he appropriated to project an inclusive view of life and art. Essentially a poet of his own flora and fauna, Quli Qutub Shah was a kind hearted ruler, a passionate lover, and a great patron of fine arts and architecture.


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