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Poets/Writers From Lucknow

Total: 293

Meer Anees

1803 - 1874

One of the most prominent classical poets at Lucknow, who excelled in Mersia poetry. Contemporary of Mirza Ghalib.

Meer Hasan

1717 - 1786

Considered to be the foremost poet of mathnawi.

One of the most prolific 18th century poets, contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir.

A prominent scholar, author, translator, and novelist of twentieth century. Had a keen eye on the socio-cultural life of Lucknow.

Ambar Bahraichi

1949 - 2021

Well-known Sanskrit scholar, Sahitya Academy award winner.

One of the most famous Progressive poets known for romantic & revolutionary poetry. He was maternal Uncle to film lyricist Jawed Akhtar.

Auj lakhnavi

1853 - 1917

A prominent poet of Lucknow, son of Mirza Dabeer, also known for his book on 'Arooz' called 'Miqyas-ul-Ashaar'

Prominent desciple of Nasikh who served in the armies of Maratha ruler Yashwant Rao Holkar at Indore and Ghaziuddin Haider, Nawab of Awadh

Contemporary of Mirza Ghalib, Aatish was one of the shining stars of 19th century Urdu Ghazal.

One of the most prominent and trend-setter classical poets from Lucknow. Contemporary of Mirza Ghalib.

Irfan Siddiqi

1939 - 2004

One of the most-prominent modern poets, famous for his neo-classical poetry.

Known for depicting romantic encounters with the beloved in lurid details. Lost his eye sight in the prime of youth

Prominent 19th Century poet at Lucknow.

Son and crown prince of the last nawab of Awadh Wajid Ali Shah

Known for his iconic Masnavi 'Zahr-e-Ishq' a romantic tale written in lyrical verse

Naiyer Masud

1936 - 2017

Prominent short story writer, known for writing fictional narratives of the traditional mores of Lucknowi life and times. Also wrote critical and autobiographical books.

One of the most celebrated 19th century Lucknow poets, author of the renowned masnavi gulzaar-e-naseem

Known for Rekhti, a form of Urdu poetry where a poet speaks in language of women.

Translator, Storyteller and poet, Known for his book Fasana-e-Azad

Rind Lakhnavi

1797 - 1857

Nawab of Lucknow, a pupil of Aatish.

Yagana Changezi

1884 - 1956

One of most inspiring pre-modern poets who laid foundations for modern ghazal. Known for his sustained denunciation of Mirza Ghalib and contemporary poetry in Lucknow.

Aasi uldani

1893 - 1946

A prominent poet and scholar of Lucknow, a disciple of Dagh and Natiq Gulawathhi, known for his annotations of Ghalib and Hafiz, and editing the works of the earliest women poets of Urdu

Popular poet of humour and satire, famous for his intersting way of recitation.

Hanuman Prasad Sharma Aajiz Matvi is a well-known Persian and Arabic Scholar

A pre-modern poet who wrote both Ghazals and Nazms; also wrote poems for children

Ali Jawad Zaidi

1916 - 2004

Well-known poet and critic known for his book 'Do Adabi School'

Amanat Lakhnavi

1815 - 1858

Famous for his musical play 'Inder Sabha', contemporary of the last Nawab of Avadh, wajid Ali Shah.

Amn Lakhnavi

1898 - 1983

Well-known fiction writer, poet and critic; wrote novels in the backdrop of Lucknow’s cultural life

Asifud Daula

1748 - 1797

Nawab of Awadh

Renowned woman poet known from Lucknow and a companion of Qurratulain Hyder

Bashir Farooqi

1939 - 2019

One of the most prominent contemporary ghazal poets in India

Gopi Nath Amn

1898 - 1983

Hayat Lakhnavi

1931 - 2006

Jalal Lakhnavi

1832 - 1909

One of the most prominent later classical poets at Lucknow who was associated with Rampur State.

Popular poet, a fine exponet of the language and culture of Lucknow.

Famous Urdu personality. Most well-known Mushaira compere and orator.

Masroor Jahan

1938 - 2019

Meer Kallu Arsh

1783 - 1867

Son of the legendary poet Mir Taqi Mir.

Meraj Faizabadi

1941 - 2013

Popular poet who was a necessary presence at Mushairas

Mirza Hadi Ruswa

1858 - 1931

One of the most prominent masters of Classical ghazal from Lucknow

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