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jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Lahore

Total: 189

One of the most read fiction and travelogue writers from Pakistan; known for his unique creativity and appeal.

One of the leading and reputed Pakistani poets known for his neo-classical tone, equally well-known in India, lives in Houston USA.


1912 - 1949

One of the founding fathers of modern Urdu nazm. Known for his mystical association with Indian metaphysical tradition. Died young.

Qayyum Nazar

1914 - 1989

Zia Jalandhari

1923 - 2012

One of the most prominent-modern poets.

Aaqil Lahori

1932 - 1994

painter artist and intellectual from Pakistan

Modern Urdu poet & son of well known poet Nasir Kazmi

One of the prominent modern poets, recipient of Sahitya Academy award.

M. Aslam

1885 - 1983

Urdu poet,critic and one of the pioneers of the progressive movement in Urdu literature. Close relation with Faiz Ahmad Faiz as their wives were sisters.

Mohammad Tufail

1923 - 1986

Mushfiq Khwaja

1935 - 2005

Prominent writer of humour/satire, famous for his column 'khama-bagosh.'

Razi Tirmizi

1926 - 2013

Shabnam Shakeel

1942 - 2013

Shohrat Bukhari

1925 - 2001

Shorish kashmiri

1917 - 1975

Prominent Journalist, scholar and poet and Chief editor of a well known weekly 'Chattan' published from Lahore

Prominent playwright, known for his masterpiece 'Anakali'; also wrote humorous pieces, and stories for children, apart from creating the memorable character of 'Chacha Chakkhan'.

Ahmad Deen

1866 - 1929

Pakistani singer-songwriter and actor

Prominent among the women poets of Pakistan

Jameel Wasti

1905 - 1981

Khar Dehlavi

1916 - 2002

One of the most prominent symbols of Urdu's composite culture at Delhi. Elder brother of Gulzar Dehlavi.

Grandfather of famous Pakistani ghazal singer Dr. Amjad Parvez

Mohammad Baqar

1910 - 1993

Prominent Pakistani story writer and novelist, known for writing about the female predicament.

Young story writer, critic, and columnist from Pakistan; also known for her individual critical stance.

Poet, scholar, critic and translator

Ramanand Sagar

1917 - 2005

director, producer, writer and an editor. He is best known for making the television show Ramayan

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