yaqinan sar chhupane ki gharaz se

Anwar Shuoor

yaqinan sar chhupane ki gharaz se

Anwar Shuoor

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    yaqīnan sar chhupāne ġharaz se

    hameñ chhoTā ghar bhī chāhiye hai

    magar garmī ke haiñ tevar yahī to

    air-conditioner bhī chāhiye hai

    yaqinan sar chhupane ki gharaz se

    hamein chhoTa sa ghar bhi chahiye hai

    magar garmi ke hain tewar yahi to

    air-conditioner bhi chahiye hai

    Source :
    • Book : Muntakhab Shahekar Mazahiya Shayari (Pg. 26)
    • Author : Roohi Kanjahi
    • Publication : Alhamd Publications (1992)
    • Edition : 1992

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