suna tha chand niklega

Maroof Ray barelvi

suna tha chand niklega

Maroof Ray barelvi

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    sunā thā chāñd niklegā

    sunā thā eid aa.egī

    sunā thā ek raunaq kūcha-o-bāzār meñ hogī

    sunā thā tum bhī aaoge

    sunā hai chāñd niklā thā

    sunā hai raunaqeñ thiiñ kūcha-o-bāzār meñ har

    sunā hai eid ḳhushiyāñ manā.īñ shahr meñ sab ne

    ye sab kuchh to huā lekin

    bas ik tum nahīñ aa.e

    batāo kyuuñ nahīñ aa.e

    batāo diid kab hogī

    hamārī eid kab hogī

    suna tha chand niklega

    suna tha eid aaegi

    suna tha ek raunaq kucha-o-bazar mein hogi

    suna tha tum bhi aaoge

    suna hai chand nikla tha

    suna hai raunaqen thin kucha-o-bazar mein har su

    suna hai eid ki KHushiyan manain shahr mein sab ne

    ye sab kuchh to hua lekin

    bas ek tum hi nahin aae

    batao kyun nahin aae

    batao did kab hogi

    hamari eid kab hogi

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