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string of the bow



forty days ( travel to pray)

कोना, गोशा, चालीस दिन में होने- वाला काम, चालीस दिन का समय, चालीस दिन तक लगातार पढ़ा जानेवाला मंत्र आदि।



string of a bow, Committed Worship





چله ćilla

P چله ćilla, s.m. A bow-string, &c.;—a period of forty days &c.=ćillā, q.v.

چلا ćillā rel. n. fr. ćihal or ćil, 'forty'

P چلا ćillā (rel. n. fr. ćihal or ćil, 'forty'), s.m. A period of forty days; the forty days of Lent during which the religious fraternities of the East seclude themselves in their cells or in their mosques, or remain at home fasting and engaging in divine worship; the fast of Lent;—the place of such seclusion and fasting;—quarantine;—the period of forty days after childbirth during which a woman remains unclean;—the ceremony of purification;—the period of forty days in winter when the cold is most severe:—ćille baiṭhnā, ćillā kāṭnā, ćillā khaiṅćnā, v.n. To pass forty consecutive days in fasting and divine worship in a cell or mosque, &c.; to keep Lent;—to keep quarantine.

چلا चिल्ला ćillā

H چلا चिल्ला ćillā, s.m. Noise, cry, outcry, &c. (=ćil, q.v.).

چلو चुल्लू ćullū, चिल्लू ćillū, चल्लू ćallū

H چلو चुल्लू ćullū, चिल्लू ćillū, चल्लू ćallū [Prk. चुल्लउओ; S. चुल्लुकः], s.m. The palm of the hand hollowed so as to hold water, &c.; a mouthful (of water); a handful (of any liquid):—ćullū-bhar, s.m. As much (water, &c.) as can be contained in the hollowed palm of the hand, a handful (of any liquid):—ćullū-bhar pānī-meṅ ḍūb-marnā, lit. 'To drown oneself in a handful of water'; to be greatly or unreasonably abashed:—ćullū-ćullū sādhnā, To sip;—to acquire a habit of drinking by gradual increase; to become gradually rich:—ćullū-se pīnā, v.t. To drink (water, &c.) out of the hollowed palm:—ćullū lenā (-), To rinse the mouth before and after eating, &c.:—ćullū-meṅ ullū honā, To become as stupid as an owl (or to become intoxicated) with a mouthful.

چلا चिल्ला ćillā P. ćilla

H چلا चिल्ला ćillā (P. ćilla), s.m. The string of a bow; selvage, gold threads in the border of a turban, &c.; thread or string tied as a vow or a charm on a tomb or shrine or on a tree, &c.:—ćillā bāṅdhnā (-par), To tie a thread or string as a vow, &c. on a tomb, &c.; to make a vow:—ćillā ćaṛhānā, To string a bow, to bend a bow:—ćillā khaiṅćnā (-par), To draw or bend a bow, to prepare for battle.


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