Faza Ibn e Faizi

Faza Ibn e Faizi
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Faza Ibn e Faizi

Faza Ibn e Faizi

Born at Maunath Bhanjan in the state of Uttar Pradesh in July 1923, Fiza Ibn Faizi was named Faizul Hasan at his birth. He acquired his degree of Fazil as per the syllabi of Dars-e-Nizamia. Although he joined Allahabad Board for further studies, he could not continue his education for long. He kept pursuing different professions all his life, and all his life he continued writing poetry with passion.

Compared with the poetry of the contemporary poets, Fiza evolved an altogether different voice and a unique identity for himself. He did not write under the impact of any literary movement or subscribe to any shade of opinion. He enjoyed a free imaginative space and wrote his verses in an independent way with full respect for classical norms which he appropriated to express contemporary realities. He wrote mostly ghazals but also favoured writing nazm and rubai. He published several collections of his poetry some of which include Safina-i-Zar-e-Gul (ghazal and rubai), Shola-i-Neem Roz (nazm), Dareecha Seem Saman (ghazals), Sar-e-Shaakh-e-Tooba (hamd and naat), Pas-e-Deewar-e-Harf (ghazals), and Sabza-i-Maani-i-Begaana (ghazals). 

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