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dil meñ kisī ke raah kiye rahā huuñ maiñ

kitnā hasīñ gunāh kiye rahā huuñ maiñ

dil mein kisi ke rah kiye ja raha hun main

kitna hasin gunah kiye ja raha hun main

Jigar Moradabadi

ajiib lutf kuchh aapas chheḌ-chhāḌ meñ hai

kahāñ milāp meñ vo baat jo bigāḌ meñ hai

ajib lutf kuchh aapas ki chheD-chhaD mein hai

kahan milap mein wo baat jo bigaD mein hai

Insha Allah Khan 'Insha'
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zindagī hai koī tūfān hai!

ham to is jiine ke hāthoñ mar chale

zindagi hai ya koi tufan hai!

hum to is jine ke hathon mar chale

Khwaja Meer Dard

zindagī kyā hai anāsir meñ zuhūr-e-tartīb

maut kyā hai inhīñ ajzā pareshāñ honā

zindagi kya hai anasir mein zuhur-e-tartib

maut kya hai inhin ajza ka pareshan hona

Chakbast Brij Narayan

dekh raftār-e-inqalāb 'firāq'

kitnī āhista aur kitnī tez

dekh raftar-e-inqalab 'firaq'

kitni aahista aur kitni tez

Firaq Gorakhpuri
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  • क़बा
  • قبا



zindagī kyā kisī muflis qabā hai jis meñ

har ghaḌī dard ke paivand lage jaate haiñ

zindagi kya kisi muflis ki qaba hai jis mein

har ghaDi dard ke paiwand lage jate hain


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The color white (Safed) is considered a symbol of kindness, innocence, and purity, and for the same reason it is appears in different ways in Urdu idioms. But the case with the idiom ‘Safed JhuuT’ is quite strange. Apparently, Urdu has borrowed this idiom from English, in which it means a lie that has been told with good intentions or to prevent aggravating a conflict. But in Urdu, it means a clear and evident lie; one which is open and shut. Additionally, in Urdu, the contrast between good and bad is also depicted by Safed (white), and Siyah (black). That’s why we say in Urdu ‘Safed-o-SIyah Ka Maalik Hona’ which means that a person is responsible for all that is good and bad. Just like in this famous couplet of Meer:
yaa.n ke sapiid o siyah me.n ham ko daKHl jo hai so itnaa hai
raat ko ro ro sub.h kiyaa yaa din ko juu.n tuu.n shaam kiyaa

Strangely, when it comes to being inconsiderate in familial relationships or acting unjustly towards someone, we come across the idiom ‘Khuun Safed Hona’. No wonder the color white can change so many colors! 

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A famous Pakistani poet of the younger generation; published a collection Main Kisi Daastaan se Ubhrunga.

dīvāreñ chhoTī hotī thiiñ lekin parda hotā thā

taale ījād se pahle sirf bharosa hotā thā

diwaren chhoTi hoti thin lekin parda hota tha

tale ki ijad se pahle sirf bharosa hota tha

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