Jamal Panipati, Mohammad Sohail Umar

Maktba Al-Riwayat, Lahore
1987 | More Info

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Jamal Panipati

Jamal Panipati

Panipat has produced many poets and writers and one of them was Jamaal Paanipati. His original name was Gulzar Ahmad and would write under the pen name, Jamaal. He was born on 15 June 1927 in the Samaleka town of Panipat. After partition, he migrated to Karachi in August 1947. He was very fond of bait baazi during his school days and continuous participation instilled the sense of poetry into him. He had attended the teaching classes of Baba Zaheen Shah Taji, along with Saleem Ahmad where they both were taught the famous Fusoos-Al-Hakam of Ibn-E-Arab. He got recognition as a critic. His book, Jadeediyat Ki Ibleesiat was about to get published when he breathed last on 11 July 2005 in Karachi.  Adab Aur Rivayat, Ikhtelaf Ke Pehlu, Naïf Se Asbaat Tak, Aala Kalam, the selection of the work of Jameel Ud Diin Aali, Silsila Takallu Ka, the collection of Fareed Javed,  Sherry Kulliyat of Saleem Ahmad are the collections of his works and compilations.

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