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Haidar Bayabani

Rahmani Publications, Maharashtra
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Haidar Bayabani

Haidar Bayabani

Haidar Bayabani: Born: 1st of July 1948, in  the township of  Achalpur in district Amravati, Maharashtra. An important poet for children. Has 40 books published out of which 4 are for adults and  the rest  36 are a significant addition to children's literature.  In the beginning he published 12 books  named
"Nanhi Munni  Batein" that have a wide  range of  subjects of Children's interest.
'Ghalib's "Qadirnama" was a kind of dictionary in verse form for children, Haider Bayabani adopted its style for his "Urdu-English Nama". He was bestowed with several awards  for his contribution in children's literature from the Urdu Academies of Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana Madheya Pradesh and West Bengal.

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