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Due to the attacks and social tension caused by Jats in Delhi many nobles of that time had started moving to Lucknow. The family of celebrated poet Jurat Bakhsh Qalandar (1748-1809) too had migrated to Faizabad. Jurat was an expert in astrology and the people of Lucknow were convinced of it. At a very young age, he complained of cataract, which eventually led to his loss of vision. Interestingly, this loss of sight afforded him the chance to freely visit the houses where veiled women used to abide. This is why fingers were often pointed towards him that he wittingly went blind. In his poetry, themes of rakishness, intoxication and carpetbagging appear heavily, which have painted a unique and thus far unknown portrait on the canvas of Urdu Ghazal. Meer, considering his swingy nature, used to call him ‘Chumma-ChaaTii ka Shair’, or, a skirt-chasing poet.