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Prominent children's poet, engineer, and renowned scholar Ismail Meerathi (1844-1917) took his elementary Persian tutoring from his father and received advanced lessons under the guidance of Mirza Rahim Beg. This is the same Mirza Beg who, in reply to Ghalib’s ‘Qati-e-Burhan’, wrote the ‘Sati-e-Burhan’, a book which also involved Maulana Ismail in its development. He also excelled in geometry, but eventually, became a master of Persian. The government, in recognition of his literary contributions, conferred him with the title ’Khan Sahib’. In 1880, a collection of his poems named ‘Reza-e-Jawahir’ was published. Quite a few of his poems are either derived or, loosely translated from English poems. He also compiled children’s textbooks. Besides that, he even consolidated an Urdu dictionary and wrote a book on grammar, especially expounding upon etymology and syntax. But it is suggested, that these books never saw the light of the day. His books on geography are also quite valuable. In 1909, he established a girl’s school named ‘Madrasatul-Banat’, which later came to be known as ‘Ismailia Degree Girls College’. His first, second, and third Urdu books are still included in the syllabus. His home in Meerut is now called Ismail Nagar.