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Prof. Aslub Ahmad Ansari (1925-2016) was a professor of English and a noted prose writer and critic of English and Urdu. His memory was so sharp that sometimes if he forgot to take his article for recording on the radio or for some other occasion, he would rewrite it word for word and prepare the article in the same way. He was extremely quiet and aloof; books were his companions. His personal library was huge and most of the books were dashed at places with peculiar marks, which assisted in his own writings. At the tranquil hour of the night, he would either be engrossed in reading and writing, or he would read aloud the works of English and Urdu poets with unusual delight. These insights about him are recollected by his daughter Iffat Aara in the book ‘Nasheb-o-Faraz.’ Professor Ansari was also adept in the Persian language. Many of his books on Ghalib and Iqbal have been published which are of great significance. He is considered to be the founder of ‘Amali (text-based) Tanqid’ in Urdu.