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Suraj Narayan Mehr

Matba Mufeed-e-Aam, Lahore
1910 | More Info

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Suraj Narayan Mehr

Suraj Narayan Mehr

A contemporary of Dagh Dehlavi, Meher Dehlavi, born Suraj Narayan, is one of those poets who did not write under the overpowering influence of Dagh although it was the most common practice and fashion of the day to follow this master without any reservation. He also did not share the common thematic preferences of his contemporaries but chose instead to develop philosophical and mystical ideas in his poetry. This is why he was known and called as “Vedanta Ratna”.   

Meher Dehlavi practised many poetical forms and also wrote poems for children. His works are collected in Kalaam-e-Mehr, Rubaiyaat-e-Mehr, Qita’at-e-Mehr, and Ghazaliyat-e-Mehr. He passed away in 1932 in Delhi.  

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