Naseem Dehlvi

Matba Mustafai,Lucknow
1869 | More Info

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Naseem Dehlvi

Naseem Dehlvi

Asghar Ali Khan was born in Delhi and was one of the best disciples of Momin. He wrote under the pen name Naseem Delhvi. He would organize mushairas with a lot of pomp. After the death of his father Aaqa Ali Khan, he was no more in good relations with his brothers. So he moved to Lucknow and passed the rest of his life there. Ghalib found some of his works in a collection of poetry. Compelled by interest, he asked Munshi sahib for more of his works and whereabouts. Munshi Sahib consulted Naseem Delhvi and with some samples of his works posted that all to Ghalib, who appreciated that very much. Having seen his hold on the language, Munshi Naval Kishore appointed him to get Alif Laila (volume 1st) translated into poetry after the uprising of 1857. He lived a disturbed life so it was not easy for his disciples to collate all his works into a deewan, but it was done after his death. The heart conquering power of thought and colorful way of description was the trademark of him that he inherited from Momin. According to Hasrat, the confluence of the language of Lucknow and description of Delhi that is found in the poetry of Naseem Delhvi cannot be found in the poetry of any other poet. He had the discipline of Lucknow ingrained. He died in 1866. 


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