dariya rawan hai

Hayat Lakhnavi

Urdu Academy, Delhi
1992 | More Info

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Hayat Lakhnavi

Hayat Lakhnavi

Mirza Muhammad Jafer was born and brought up in Lucknow which was a city with an atmosphere of poetry during that period. Mirza Muhammad Jafer passed his Urdu exams with distinction from Punjab University. He worked at Hindustan Times and the National Herald as well. He was a popular poet of mushairas. His pen name was Hayaat Lucknawi. Hisar-E-Aab, Nadi Ke Paar Ka Manzar, Dariya Rawan Hai and Waseela are the collections of his poetry. He published the work of Azeez Lucknawi which was not published during his lifetime. The books based on that are known as Anjum Kada and Auraq-E-Azeez. Urdu Academy U.P selected his book Hisar-E-Aab for its award and the title Imtiyaz-E-Meer was also was conferred upon him. He died on 15 August 2006 in Lucknow.

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