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Qateel Shifai

Takhleeqkar Publishers, Delhi
2008 | More Info
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    Aap Biti

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    Takhleeqkar Publishers, Delhi

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قتیل شفائی کی فنکارانہ صلاحیت سے ہر کوئی واقف ہے ان کا شمار ترقی پسند شعراء میں ہوتا ہے۔ زیر نظر کتاب ان کی آپ بیتی ہے جسے ان کے شاگرد نعیم چشتی نے یکجا کیا،جس طرح قتیل شفائی باغ وبہار شخصیت کے مالک تھےویسے ہی ان کی یہ آپ بیتی بھی ہےجو خاصے کی چیز ہے۔

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About The Author

Qateel Shifai

Qateel Shifai whose real name was Aurangzeb Khan was born on December 24, 1919 at Haripur in Hazara district (Pakistan). Due to his father's death in 1935, he was unable to carry on with his higher education. After unsuccessfully trying to make his living through small business ventures, he joined the Lahore film industry in 1947 as a lyricist. His father was a business man and there was no tradition of sher-o-shayari in his family. Initially, he showed his poetry to Hakeem Yahya Shifa Khanpuri for correction and advice. Qateel derived his poetic surname 'shifai' from him. Later, he became the disciple of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi who was his friend and neighbour. Qatiil's shayari started with ghazals and he was basically a lyrical shayar. He was lyrical and musical even in his nazms. He was well regarded for his romantic geet. Qatiil published 14 poetic works like Haiyali, Guftagoo, Matrabaa, Bargad, etc. He died in Lahore in 2001.

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