gul bang-e-naseem

Surayya Sultana Naseem Niyazi

Ejaz Printing Press, Hyderabad
1986 | More Info

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Surayya Sultana Naseem Niyazi

Surayya Sultana Naseem Niyazi

Name Surayya Sultana, pen name ,Naseem. Born in Hyderabad, 1930. She belonged to a learned, literary Sufi family. Her father Khawaja Nawab Sahib Niazi was also a poet. Naseem was an active member of the women's organization "Mehfil  e Khwateen" in Hyderabad. Mysticism is predominant in her poetry. Her first poetry collection "Gulbang e Naseem" was published in the year 1986. The second collection is "Dard Ashna".

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