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Baqar Mehdi, Fuzail Jafri

Yaqoob Rahi
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Baqar Mehdi

Baqar Mehdi

Baqir Mehdi was born on February 11, 1927 in the family of landlords in Rudoli (Awadh), UP. His father, Razm Rudolvi, was also a poet. His mother died in infancy. He received his early education in Rudoli, and later obtained an M.A. (Economics) from Aligarh. After trying his luck in many big cities, he finally came to Mumbai in 1954. He grew acquaintances with a number of intellectuals in Mumbai and initially made a living through tuition. While Economics was his main subject, he also had a great command over Urdu and Persian. He met Khairul Nisa, his to-be-wife, while writing the thesis for his Ph.D. His addiction of alcohol, and self-centeredness utterly ruined him.

He followed his own rule and road. Whenever at his home an argument took place with another poet or writer, he would bitingly discard him at his farewell, ‘better not come to my house, the next time’. He was quite a headstrong. When poets and writers went to meet him, Baqir would open the door and see who had come, and allowed only those inside who he wanted to meet, and shut the door on the others. Baqir himself writes that he cannot keep even two or three men happy.

But Baqir was an important man in the field of literature, thus, people still wanted to be close to him. Near the end of his life, he was paralyzed and unable to speak clearly. The first collection of his poems "Shahar-e-Arzoo" was published. He also did not stay in any group, nor did he try to get ahead of anyone, nor did he please any man of the government to get the prize. Although his bitter disposition and acerbic talks were not well received by anyone, his contributions as a poet and critic are treasured and valued by all.


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Fuzail Jafri

Fuzail Jafri

Fuzail Jafri, who writes under the pen name of Jafri, is a lecturer of English at a college in Mumbai. He is not only a poet but also a critic. He has won the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Ghalib award of 2005 for his research work and poetry. Chatan Aur Pani, Kaman Aur Zakhm, and Rang Shikasta are the collections of his works.

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