khwab samundar

Aziz Nabeel

Anjuman Muhibban-e-Urdu Hind, Qatar
2011 | More Info
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Aziz Nabeel

Aziz Nabeel

Aziz Nabeel was born on June 26, 1976 in Mumbai, his real name in Aziz-ur-Rehman, and is known among his many poetry-lovers by his pen-name ‘Nabeel’. He graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia and Post Graduated from Institute of Materials Management, Chennai. He has been working in Doha, Qatar since 1999. His poetry is one of the most prominent voices of his time. In his poetic work, where migration and the pain of being separated from one's homeland are prominent, he also has a strong sense of loneliness in this fairy-styled world. There is also the element of revealing the mysteries of existence and God in his poems.

Dreams, solitude, loneliness, silence, noise, God, sand, desert, etc. are his favorite metaphors which he blends to create such a mixture in his poetry that it leaves its readers enchanted. In 2020, a student from Leeds University, Lahore, Pakistan, has been awarded an M.Phil degree for his research work on "Aziz Nabil's Literary Services". Two collections of Nabeel’s poetry have been published so far, namely ‘Khwab-Samandar (2011)’ and ‘Awaz Ke Par Khulte Hain (2019)’. The selection of poetry in Devanagari script has been published under the name of Pahli Barish (2019), under the auspices of Raj Kamal Prakashan. In addition, four books on research and editing of well-known poets have been published, which are:
Firaaq Gorakhpuri: shakhsiyat shairi aur shanakht
Irfan Siddiqui: hayaat, khidmaat aur sheri kaayenaat
Pandit Brij Narayan Chakbast: shakhsiyat aur fann
Pandit Anand Narayan Mulla: shakhsiyat aur fann
Nabeel’s ancestral village is Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, while his permanent residence is in Bhiwandi (Thane), Maharashtra. He is the General Secretary of Anjuman-e-Mohabban-e-Urdu-e-Hind, a well-known organization in Qatar, and a special adviser to the Bahrain Fakhr-e-Bahrain, a leading literary organization in Bahrain set up for the spread of the Urdu language. He has been the sub-editor of Safeer-e-Urdu (published from UK) and Editor of Mujalla Dastavez.

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