Makhdoom Mohiuddin

Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind), Delhi
1953 | More Info
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    Intikhab-e-Kalam-e-Makhdoom Muhiuddin

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شہر حیدرآباد کے معروف انقلابی شاعر مخدوم محی الدین ہیں۔انھوں نے ترقی پسند تحریک کی حمایت میں انقلابی شاعری کی۔مخدوم زود گو شاعر ہیں۔انھوں نے زیادہ تر نظم نگاری میں طبع آزمائی کی ہے۔جس میں جدوجہد آزادی ،مزدورطبقہ کے مسائل اور انقلابی موضوعات کو بیان کیا ہے۔ان کے تین شعری مجموعہ "سرخ سویرا،گل تر اور بساط رقص" اپنی بہترین نظموں کے باعث قارئین کو متوجہ کرنے میں کامیاب ہیں۔ پیش نظر مخدوم محی الدین کی نظموں کا انتخاب ہے۔

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About The Author

Makhdoom Mohiuddin

Makhdoom Mohiuddin

Makhdoom Mohiuddin was born at Andol in district Medak in Hyderabad on 4th Feb, 1908. He belonged to a religious family of teachers and preachers but Makhdoom was more interested in poetry and politics than in religion. He was the leading light of the progressive writers' movement and as a mark of respect the communist party of India has raised a building called "Makhdoom Bhawan" in Hyderabad. Though Makhdoom is primarily a poet of the nazm, he has also proved his ability as a ghazal writer. In addition, he has displayed his worth in the field of prose as well. His poetical works include Surkh Saveraa, Gul-e-tar, Basaat-e-raqs (complete works). He died in Delhi on August 25, 1969.

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