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Mukhtar Shameem

Mukhtar Shameem

Dr. Mukhtar Shamim was born on March 23, 1944 in the historic city of Saronj in Madhya Pradesh. After completing his primary education at Saronj, Mukhtar Shamim pursued higher studies at the Hamidia Government Degree College in Bhopal and became involved in the teaching profession. He obtained his PhD degree by writing a research paper on the subject of life and art of Zaheer Dehlavi. He did MA in Urdu as well as Geography. He was an excellent researcher as well as a poet, novelist, critic and author. He topped an interview with the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission in 1970 and was later appointed as a lecturer by the Madhya Pradesh Government's Department of Higher Education in Government Girls College, Ujjain. In 1972, he was transferred to Dhar. In May 1973, he was transferred from Dhar to Government Girls PG College, Indore. He spent 27 years in the same college. He was a lecturer from 1970 to 1976. He was an assistant professor from 1976 to 1987. He became a professor in 1987 and became a principal in 2000. He retired on August 13, 2007. In addition, he held several important positions. From 1971 to 1973, he was a member of the Board of Urdu Studies, Vikram University. Chairman Bore of Studies Urdu, Arabic, Persian Devi Ahlia University remained in Indore. He was chairman of the Central Board of Studies (State UGC) for almost nine years. He was an expert member of the examination committee of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. Expert for selection of Urdu Professor in Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, Barkatullah University Bhopal. He was a member of the Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy and was also appointed as a commissioner in the court of Additional District Judge Indore. Under his guidance, about ten students obtained PhD degrees. Dr. Nazim Hussain has been awarded a PhD degree on the subject of ‘Mukhtar Shamim: Hayat Aur Adabi Karname’. Apart from this, Dr. Mukhtar Shamim has also been the editor of several important literary journals including the monthly Urdu Halchal, Bhopal, the monthly Arzoo, Bhopal, the monthly Tashkeel, Bhopal, the handwritten magazine Rahi, Saronj, etc. He was awarded a provincial award by the Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy and an award for his books by the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy.

His writings include, Riyasat-e-Tonk aur Urdu Shairi (1977). Zaheer Dehlvi: Hayat Aur Fann (1992), Raqim Al-Dawla Zaheer Dehlavi (Monograph, 2014), Sawade-e-Harf (2011), Tanazur Aur Tashakhkhus (2000), Ustad Dr. Abu Muhammad Sahar Aur unke Shafqat-Name (2016), Kulliyat-e-Ghazaliyat-e-Zaheer Dehlvi (2016), Madhya Pradesh mein Urdu Tahqiq aur Tanqid (2014), Harf-Harf Aaina (1998), Hijr KiSubh, Hijr Ki Sham (2015), and Sahib-e-Fikr-o-Nazar Abu Muhammad Sahar, Mashahiir-e-AdabKe Khutut (2020).
Apart from these, the following books were published in recognition of Dr. Mukhtar Shamim.

Goshai Mukhtar Shamim (Monthly Shayar, Mumbai), Goshai Mukhtar Shamim (Quarterly Intisab, Saronj), Mukhtar Shamim Ek Taassur (Mohammad Tawfiq Khan), Mukhtar Shamim Ek Mihrban Dost (Dr. Saifi Sarwanji), Mukhtar Shamim Hayat Aur Adabi Karname(Dr. Nazim Hussain, PhD dissertation), Mukhtar Shamim: Aaina dar Aaina (edited by Dr. Saifi Sarwanji, Mahmood Malik), etc.

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