Qaumi Zaban, Karachi

Jameeluddin Aali, Syed Shabbeer Ali Kazmi

Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu, Pakistan
1982 | More Info

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Jameeluddin Aali

Jameeluddin Aali

Mirza Jameel Ud Deen Ahmad has explored various traits of literature, but he is famous mostly because of his Dauhas. He was born on January 20, 1925 in Delhi. However, his ancestral city was Luharo. After partition, he moved to Pakistan and started working in one of the central government offices there. In 1951, he passed the competition of C.S.S and got promoted to the post of income tax commissioner. He finished his L.L.B in 1976. He was the brain of the establishment of Pakistan Writers’ Guild. He writes under the pen name, Aali. In addition to ghazals, he has composed dohaas and songs too. He is the honorary secretary of Anjuman-E-Taraqqiy-E-Urdu, Pakistan. He is the winner of many literary awards and the President Medal of 1989 and Kamal-E-Fan award 2006 of Akalimi Adabiyat to his credit. Ghazlein Dohey Geet, La Haasil, Jeewey Jeewey Pakistan, Duniya Mere Aagey Tamasha Mere Aagey, Naqqar Khaane Mein Aey Mere Dashtey Sukhan, Goshai-E-Bisaat and Harf-E-Chand are the collections of his works.


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