निकहत बरेलवी, अहमद जैनुद्दीन

अहमद जैनुद्दीन
2003 | अन्य

संपादक: परिचय

निकहत बरेलवी

निकहत बरेलवी

Syed Imtiyaz Hussain was born on 12 May 1935 in Bareilly. He did his graduation and Adeeb Maahir from Jamia Urdu University. He moved to Pakistan in 1953 and completed his Adeeb Faazil from Punjab. Having enrolled in Sindh Tibbiya College of Hyderabad, he passed a four year course that was affiliated with national council for Tib. He had developed interest in literature since his school days. He had been a help of the Sehba Lucknawi in the editorship of afkaar from 1986 to 1999. Following this, he had been a member of the editorial team of Irteqa and Roshnaaiee. He wrote under the pen name, Nikhat and was also as famous as Nikhat Barielvi. Harf-E-Zer-Lab, Mahaz-E-Jang, and Sehba Lucknawi Shakhsiat Aur Khidmaat are the titles of his works.

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