Mirza Shauq Lakhnavi

Munshi Nawal Kishor, Lucknow
1871 | More Info

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اردو زبان میں مثنویاں لکھنے کی روایات تو بہت قدیم ہے لیکن بہت کم مثنویاں ایسی ہیں جنھیں قبولِ عام کا درجہ حاصل ہوا۔اردو ادب میں میر حسن کی سحرالبیان،پنڈت دیا شنکر نسیم کی گلزارِ نسیم اورمرزا شوق لکھنوی کی زہرِعشق سب سے زیادہ مشہور ہوئیں۔زہرِعشق کو عوام نےطرزِ تحریر،جذبات نگاری،سادگی اور محاورہ بندی کی وجہ سے پسند کیا،اس پر ڈرامے کیے گئے۔ یہ ایک مختصر داستان ہے جس میں ہیرو ،ہیروئین اور ان کی ماؤں اور ایک کنیز کے کل پانچ ہی کردار ہیں

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Mirza Shauq Lakhnavi

Mirza Shauq Lakhnavi

Famous Urdu poet and Masnavi composer Mirza Shauq Lakhnavi, was born on 6th January 1773, in Lucknow. His real name was Tassaduq Hussain Khan, and his father's name was Agha Ali Khan. His dynasty was a famous family of physicians and his father, uncle, grandfather, etc. were all famous physicians. Shauq, too, studied and took up the same profession and was counted among the elites of Lucknow.

He opened his eyes at a time when Lucknow was the epicenter of great poets and poetry. Like other poets of his time, Shauq, too, began his journey as a poet by writing Ghazals, and soon took the tutelage of master poet Aatish. From childhood, his nature encompassed playfulness, luxury, and mischievousness, and in an air like Lucknow it was inevitable that these things cultivated further.
His poetic treasure includes three iconic Masnavis, namely ‘Fareb-e-Ishq’, ‘Bahar-e-Ishq’, and ‘Zahr-e-Ishq’. Some people have attributed the Masnavis ‘Lazzat-e-Ishq’, and ‘Khanjar-e-Ishq’ to his name but Ataaullah Palvi has disproved their claims. His other writings include ‘Diwan-e-Ghazaliyat’, and ‘Majmua-e-Wasokht’. From an ethical point of view, his poems are considered captivating. He became associated with the court of Wajid Ali Shah where he received a stipend of five hundred rupees. He died on 30 June 1871 in Lucknow. He was buried in the cemetery near City Station, Railway Line in Lucknow where Mir Taqi Mir, Sauda, Mir Hassan, Nasikh and Mushafi are buried, too.

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