Editor : Waheed Quraishi

Shumara Number: Shumara Number-004

Publisher : Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Lahore

Origin : Pakistan (Country)

Year of Publication : 1996

Language : Urdu

Categories : Magazines

Sub Categories : Iqbaliyat,Pakistan

Pages : 429

Contributor : Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy, Azamgarh

Month : January

Iqbaliyat, Pakistan

About The Editor

Dr. Waheed Qureshi was born on February 14, 1925 in Mianwali, and is considered a enowned writer, poet, critic, researcher, educator and linguist from Pakistan. He studied at various educational institutions in Sahiwal, Gujranwala and Lahore and after passing the MA examination in Persian and History, he started his career as a Research Scholar from October 1, 1947. He later completed his PhD in Persian and Urdu, and obtained D-lit certificates. He taught for a long time at Islamia College Lahore and Oriental College Punjab University. Later he was associated with Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Muqtadra Qaumi Zaban Pakistan, Bazm Iqbal and West Pakistan Urdu Academy. From September 2003 until his death, he was Professor Emeritus at GC University, Lahore.

Dr. Waheed Qureshi’s list of works in quite a queue, but the most import among these are, Shibli ki hayaat-e-muashaqa, Meer Hasan aur un ka zamana, mutalea-e-haali, Clasiki adab ka tehqeeqi mutalea, tanqeedi mutalay, Nazar-e-ghalib, Iqbal aur Pakistani qomiat, qayad-e-aazm aur Tehreek-e-Pakistan , maqalat-e-tehqeeq, jadidiyat ki talaash mein, mutalea adbiyat-e-farsi, urdu nasr ke mailanat, Pakistani qomiat ki tashkeel-e-nau aur dosray mazameen, Pakistan ki nazriati bunyadain, urdu adab ka irtiqa, Pakistan ke taleemi masail, and poetry collections like ‘naqd-e-jaan’, ‘Alwah’, and ‘Dhalti Umr Ke Nauhe’. He also compiled and edited several books, including the Urdu Ka Bihtarin Inshai Adab, Armaghan-e-Iran, Armaghan-e-Lahore, and others. The Government of Pakistan awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence to Dr. Waheed Qureshi on August 14, 1993 in recognition of his services. Dr. Waheed Qureshi passed away on October 17, 2009 in Lahore. He is laid to rest in Samanabad Cemetery in Lahore.

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