Rekhta Baitbaazi

Celebrating the Traditional Game of Urdu Poetry

Baitbaazi is a verbal competition which represents a long-established tradition of Urdu poetry. It tests how many couplets (sher/ashaar) one can store in one’s memory and how readily a couplet can be recited in response to a couplet recited by another competitor.

Baitbaazi is popular in India, Pakistan and the entire Urdu diaspora as a game that enriches one’s repertoire of Urdu poetry and motivates to memorize more and more Urdu couplets. Antakshari is the Hindi counterpart of Baitbaazi, which is also well-established among the enthusiasts of Hindi poetry/songs.

Application/Participation Criteria:

  • 1. Age of the participants should be under 35.
  • 2. Each team will comprise of three participants.
  • 3. Application open for Indian residents only.
  • 4. Last date for Registration – 30th September 2022

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Rekhta Baitbaazi

  • 1. The competition involves a team of three members following a pattern in which one of them initiates the competition by reciting a couplet and the other team readily responds with a couplet that begins with the last letter of the couplet recited by the first team.
  • 2. The competition is judged on the basis of how promptly teams respond to each other, correctness of metric rhythm, pronunciation and style of presentation.
  • 3. The pronunciation of words must be taken care of and “Ashaar” must be of good standard.
  • 4. A “Sher” would be recited and Rekhta Baitbaazi competition will start with the letter on which that “Sher” ends.
  • 5. Every team will get 10 seconds to answer the “Sher”.
  • 6. If any team does not answer in the given time, the other team will get the chance to answer; and if any team says a wrong "Sher” the other team could correct it by saying “Alqat’a”.
  • 7. If none of the teams can answer with correct “Sher” then audience will get a chance to answer and for the correct answer, volunteer from audience, will get a complimentary gift.
  • 8. The decisions of the judges will be final.
  • 9. Qualifier rounds will be held at New Delhi between Sep-Oct 2022. Final Date & Venue shall be announced after the registrations close.

Winners will be awarded by Rekhta Foundation

Jashn-e-Rekhta | 2-3-4 December 2022 - Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Near India Gate, New Delhi

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