bujh gaya dil to KHabar kuchh bhi nahin

Khaleel Tanveer

bujh gaya dil to KHabar kuchh bhi nahin

Khaleel Tanveer

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    bujh gayā dil to ḳhabar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    aks-e-ā.īne nazar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    shab dīvār girī to dekhā

    nok-e-nashtar hai sahar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    jab bhī ehsās sūraj Duube

    ḳhaak Dher bashar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    ek pal aisā ki duniyā badle

    yuuñ to sadiyoñ safar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    harf ko barg-e-navā detā huuñ

    yuuñ mire paas hunar kuchh bhī nahīñ

    bujh gaya dil to KHabar kuchh bhi nahin

    aks-e-aine nazar kuchh bhi nahin

    shab ki diwar giri to dekha

    nok-e-nashtar hai sahar kuchh bhi nahin

    jab bhi ehsas ka suraj Dube

    KHak ka Dher bashar kuchh bhi nahin

    ek pal aisa ki duniya badle

    yun to sadiyon ka safar kuchh bhi nahin

    harf ko barg-e-nawa deta hun

    yun mere pas hunar kuchh bhi nahin

    Source :
    • Book : Gil-e-Lajvard (Pg. 102)
    • Author : Khaleel Tanveer
    • Publication : Al-asr Publications, Ahmedabad (2005)
    • Edition : 2005

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