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Aasnath Kanwal

1975 | Lahore, Pakistan

Born : 17 May 1975

LCCN :n2005200144

Aasnath Kanwal, Born in  Lahore, on  May 17, 1975. Lives in Lahore. She has written three novelets  which have been published in various magazines .  She is the author of five books:The first collection of poems " Panion mein phool “ 2003 , collection of columns. " Khwab and inqalab " 2005, Fiction. " Intezar", 2009, book on Criticism and Research” Sehra ki hathaili pe diya “ 2012 and another collection of poems, " Aankh mien pani rehne de "2015. She is quite active in  Mushairas and other literary gatherings.

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