One of the prominent women poets famous for the soft and lyrical tone of her poetry.

1924 -2015 Karachi

A woman poet of female tone and tenor, popular in Mushairas.

An important poet of the younger generation, known for her Nazms

Prominent figure among the contemporary women poets in Pakistan; also a teacher of Urdu

Poet and scholar of Persian literature, was the chair of Persian department in Lucknow University

1945 Lucknow

Prominent among the women poets of Pakistan

1990 Lahore

Renowned woman poet known from Lucknow and a companion of Qurratulain Hyder

1926 -2005 Lucknow

One of the leading Pakistani women poets.

1950 Karachi

Well-known poet, story writer and translator, also known for her translations of modern Arabic stories

1952 Noida

A poet to make space for resistance and current social issues.

Young poet and story writer from Pakistan.

1982 Karachi

Woman poet from Pakistan, known for strong feminist and anti-establishment leanings.

1946 -2018 Karachi

Noted female poet from Pakistan who portraits the women-centric issues

1953 Karachi